Write to Make Women Laugh

Writing is a frequently overlooked way of making women laugh. If you think writing is a negligible aspect of humor, I urge you to think again.

True, writing is not as personal, direct, and intense as face-to-face communication. It also carries a higher risk of misunderstanding resulted from lack of visual cues. But written humor sure has many advantages over verbal humor.

Firstly, it eliminates mistakes in delivery, since you won’t put your faltering, nervousness, or awkward body language down on paper.

Secondly, a woman reads your writing with her own inner voice… Who can be better at building rapport with her than herself? Her interpretation of your words, after her own “humor distortion”, might be even funnier than your original meaning.

Thirdly, it’s convenient, direct, fast, and unintrusive. Otherwise why are so many people spending so much time chatting online?

By writing I don’t mean a formal letter or a beautifully hand-written essay on decorative paper.

What Kind of Writing

In fact, the more casual your writing is, the better the effect. Don’t send her anything involving obviously a lot of work, which shows your neediness. (If later on you two “fall madly in love” with each other it’ll be a different story.) Most of the time, a simple note on rough paper or email will do the trick.

Points to Note

Here are a few most important points to note when you are writing to make her laugh:

  • Use your imagination. Since you’re free from physical or environmental constraints, you should be as creative as you can by applying as many humor techniques as possible, or else you’re just wasting your chance.
  • The beginning of the writing has to be really It sets the tone of your writing and catches her attention, hopefully.
  • Establish a promising connection with her. Your objective is to make her look forward to future interactions with you, so you need to write in an entertaining and somewhat teasing manner.
  • Apply the surprise tactic profusely. Nowadays people are constantly bombarded with so many messages each day that they’re much less sensitive to “usual materials”. You have to catch a woman’s attention by surprising her with humor as much as you can.
  • Check your work. You don’t have the privilege of verbal modification during speech. But now you do.
  • Keep it short. A long letter shows your neediness, whereas a pithy and sweet piece will whip her appetite and make her want more.