What Jokes to Avoid

Sexist, Ethnic, Religious Jokes

Stay away from them.

Stay away from them as far as possible especially when you’re with any woman you don’t really know.

Even if you succeed in making her laugh, you won’t leave a positive impression (and usually the opposite). The fact a woman laughs at your joke doesn’t necessarily mean she likes it. It could be a release of tension or mere courtesy.

And it certainly doesn’t mean she likes you. So many men are mistaken on that.

Joke About Her

You can joke about a woman. In fact, you should joke about her in certain situations.

But never ever joke about a woman in a group. No matter how much you can prove you are “just kidding’, it is not funny to them because she’d feel singled out.

In fact, jokes rarely work on a whole group unless everyone is from the same background and already familiar with one another. You shouldn’t try pleasing all the women in group. You have to choose a target and isolate her sooner or later—unless you just want some laughter to boost your ego.

Lame Jokes

A word on lame jokes.

They only work for women who are already familiar with you, or when women realize you are deliberately being lame (such as claiming to be the “king of lame jokes”), otherwise you might as well not tell the joke.

Make Mental Notes

Once funny. Twice boring. Thrice awful.

You never want to repeat your lines to any woman, otherwise she’d think you’re boring (even worse, desperate) instead of funny.

Some people find it easier to simply tell new jokes every time, but the truth is… the best jokes are always the ones that worked on the most number of women and should always be kept in your “repertoire”.

Later in the book I’ll teach you a mnemonic technique called “absurd imagery technique”. You can use that trick to make a mental note every time you tell a joke to a particular woman. That way you’ll never forget which jokes you’ve told to whom.

End With the Funniest Joke

Why does a magician always end his performance with the most visual magic trick?

A magician’s final master trick should evoke in the audience a deep awe as well as an unsatisfied desire to see more, so the ending climax will make the performance truly unforgettable.

And professional magicians never get carried away by spectators’ cheering and then disappoint them by performing tricks that don’t live up to their expectation.

The same goes for humor. Deliver your funniest jokes at the end or else the woman you’re talking to is bound to be disappointed.

If you stop at the right moment she’ll keep on thinking about you when you’re not around. And it’s during that period she’ll fall in love with you.