Universal Laws of Women

Before delving into the tricks and techniques, let me point out some basic laws of how women behave.

I don’t want you to just go out and dump all your knowledge onto them. You have to know the smart ways of making women laugh. You have to know how to use the least effort to produce the most laughter—and keep it going. Don’t waste your effort by using the wrong tricks on the wrong women.

So here are the ground rules in “dealing” with women.

Women are Emotional

They care more about how they feel than how they think. Generally, women tend to be less logical than men. (That’s why laughter is extremely important and why good humor works on them most of the time.)

Have you ever seen hot babes giggling nonstop at some other men’s jokes which aren’t funny to you at all? Did you find yourself thinking, “Hey, that joke wasn’t funny at all…what’s wrong with her?”

See? You were using logic.

Whatever can amuse a particular woman is funny. Period. Focus on the emotional effect on women, not logical effect.

What delivers emotion? Not words themselves, but pictures these words create. In order to make a woman feel, you need to send mental pictures to her mind. Use very descriptive and evocative language to make her feel amused.

Women interpret humor differently and laugh for different reasons. And most women are easily disturbed by ideas that they are not used to.

It’s a natural self-protection mechanism.

For example, if they laugh at sexual or ethnic jokes openly in public, their images would suffer more than men do. That’s why a woman is less likely to laugh at “unorthodox” jokes. So keep in mind that what you (as a man) find funny may completely fail to entertain a woman.

Even if you chose the right material, you may still fail to make her laugh. There is still one step missing. A woman must want to be made laugh by you in the first place

It’s illogical. It’s counterintuitive. I know.

But have you ever stopped to give some thoughts to what women like in general? Astrology, romance novel, window shopping, female magazines (have you read one before?)…those should tell you something.

Women don’t stop to think “Hey, this joke is cleverly constructed so it’s logical to laugh at it” and then laugh. They are intrigued by not only what’s said but also who said it and how it was said.

It happens all the time that a woman finds a man’s joke to be funny merely because she likes him, vice versa—if she doesn’t like you she won’t consider anything you say as funny. That means you have to work a lot harder if you fail to build rapport with her during the initial encounter.

Women are emotional and illogical. Play by this rule.

Women are Instinctive

Do you know that a woman typically decides her relationship with another man in the first half minute from meeting him? That’s why “first impression” is emphasized so much by so many dating experts.

A woman almost always knows “instinctively” whether you can be a lover within minutes.

If you’ve made a good impression upon her, good for you! The humor techniques you’re about to learn will almost certainly work big time following that; if you’ve not made a good impression, move on to the clear goal of obtaining a favorable impression with humor in the next few minutes or as quickly as possible.

Women are instinctive. Use it to your advantage.

Women Want to be Dominated

Women like power and fame because they are looking to be dominated by the right kind of men. It’s nature. It’s in the blood.

All they need is a good reason.

Do you really think women want to control the men they like? Of course not.

The fact is that one of the sexes always dominates the other. This is true everywhere in nature. It could be the male dominating the female or it could be the other way round…

What about the human society?

You have the answer.

Women sometimes take on the “dominant role” only to sift through the guys to find the ones they are willing to be controlled by.

Why do women “play hard to get” only in the beginning and not after the relationship?

You have the answer.

Usually this happens to a woman at a subconscious level, so never ever point it out to her. She might “get offended” if there’s not enough intimacy between you and her yet.

Women Want to Feel Smart

Here comes the “manipulative” part.

If you can craft and present pieces of information together to a woman so that she can “get it” or say “oh, that’s how it works”, you have more power to make her laugh.

There are usually two ways you can do this:

  • Release critical information bit by bit in conversations so that she feels as if she’s “solving a mystery”. Women love that. And that’s why short stories often work better than one-liners.
  • Sometimes instead of telling jokes with obvious punch lines, crack a joke that takes her some time to “get it” (many adult jokes will do the job). You might want to keep an amused look throughout so she doesn’t think it’s just a lame joke.

Women Want to Picture Things

This is also referred to as the imagery technique.

Basically, women love to picture things in their minds. This is in tandem with their inclination to feel.

Paint wonderful picture to women with your words. If you’re also in the picture, congratulations, she’ll fall for you very soon, if not yet.

Use evocative and poetic language to arouse imagination. Pepper your speech with words like these:

  • Pounding
  • Pure
  • Wholeness
  • Compassion
  • Throb
  • Swift
  • Quiver
  • Hailstorm
  • Eternity
  • Never-ending stretch
  • Tremor
  • Crush
  • Twist
  • Mind-boggling

You can train yourself in describing things evocatively by reading some novels. Just one good book will give you many great ideas. I highly recommend Anne Rice’s novels. She wrote a series called “The Vampire Chronicle”. It’s crazy stuff. But you gotta admit she’s a master at making her readers fantasize, which is exactly what you want women to do.