Three Simple Steps to Being Funny

One – Open Your Mind and Absorb

First of all I ask you to maintain an open mind and give yourself a chance to absorb everything taught in this book which is the culmination of my years of experience and research.

Take your time to digest the materials presented in this book. Mastering just 1 or 2 techniques will bring you a great deal of improvement, but attempting to apply them all at once won’t be as effective and beneficial. Be patient.

I suggest you read this book at least 3 times while putting at least 60% of the techniques to use in your own life. While reading, reflect on what you did right in the past—did you stumble across it on luck? What could you have done but never did in the past? How would you handle it again if you were given a second chance?

Imagine some real-life situations and do some role playing—either with yourself or a friend (no, it’s not silly)—or you can go straight to the world and get instant feedback.

Two – Shift in Mentality

You will never become a funny guy until you see yourself as one. And whether you see yourself as a funny guy depends a lot on what you say to yourself.

An average human being talks to himself about 800 times a day, including those “silent words” you say to yourself.

And what do you say to yourself on a minute to minute basis? Do you always talk light-heartedly to yourself with humor, or do you bore yourself to death? Have you already put yourself into the Norma Joe category or do you seriously consider yourself “God’s gift to women”?

Words are mirrors. If you see yourself as a funny guy you’ll naturally find unlimited inspirations and confidence to instill laughter into life. If it’s the other way round, you’ll see things as dull and lifeless.

And do you know that funny guys actually joke with themselves all the time? To them humor is not a technique only to be employed in specific conditions. Instead, it is a way of life.

To those guys, making women laugh is as simple as being themselves!

Wouldn’t you want to be like that? See yourself as a funny guy and start talking to yourself like one!

Three – Take Massive Action

Take action.

Take action. Take action. Take action.

I’m sure you have heard this phrase a thousand times and I won’t insult your intelligence by ranting more on this.

Just remember—reading through this book several times can make you a great theorist, but that doesn’t do you much good if you just sit there and keep imagining things.

At times, you might be tempted to say, “yeah, I know that stuff…”, “I’ve read all those…”

Chances are that you understand it, but don’t know it. If you are not doing what you know is right, you don’t know it.

So take action. Make mistakes. (Hey you should be prepared for that!)

Once you get used to rejections you won’t fear them any more. We tend to blow up the fears of that we haven’t yet fully experienced.

The fear, the worry, and the stress all come from making them more daunting than they really are.

What is rejection to you? What is rejection from women you hardly know? What is rejection from a completely stranger to you? Do you understand it? Do you know it?

Making women laugh should be fun and rewarding if you’re mentally prepared for what it takes to make women laugh and fall in love. It can be a numbers game… we’ll talk about that later.

Take action.