The Humor Habit

You’d certainly agree with me that successful habits define successful people.

Likewise, your future is determined by your daily routine.

If you don’t form a habit of constantly practicing things you want to be good at, you’ll never be. And if you don’t control your habits, you’ll end up being controlled by them.

Therefore, as you discover more and more techniques in this book, I want you to commit to developing the habit of joking with yourself constantly.

Apart from that simple day-to-day act, practice constantly by exploring opportunities to role-play with the people around you in your own imagination.

For example, one thing I found particularly effective is talking to the host when listening to the radio or talk shows on TV. Just imagine yourself to be on the show. What would you say or do to be funny? You should practice the techniques taught in this book one by one as you go along.

And modify the techniques taught in this book to suit your own personality and style. What I offer you here are the tested-and-proven formulas that worked for me. They will almost definitely work for you too. But in order to fully unleash your power of humor you need to constantly fine-tune the details on your own.