The 4 Types of Women

First, let me point out that different women demand different strategies from you to make them laugh. What’s funny to a woman could completely turn off another one or to the same woman in a different situation.

You can divide women into 4 broad categories:

  1. Women whom you come into contact with and will disappear in a short time if you don’t establish connection, such as those you meet in bookstore, supermarket, bus stop, etc. Frankly speaking, your ability to make her laugh is not as important as other “picking up” skills, though humor is still the best weapon.
  2. Women whom you meet for a brief time on a regular basis, such as the cashier at your local store, your neighbor, etc. Your ability to exercise your laughing power is critical.
  3. Women whom you are going to be with for some time just once, such as in a meeting, social gathering, party, etc. Here humor serves as a great tool to connect the two of you.
  4. Women whom you will be meeting for some time for many times, such as classmates, your tennis/dance partners, colleagues (stay away from that in my opinion), etc.

For the first two categories, you ability to deliver an appropriate joke with brevity is the crucial factor, which, combined with other skills such as flirting and asking for phone numbers (which are outside the scope of this book but there are plenty of free tips online for those) can give you more opportunities to demonstrate your humor.

For the next two categories, you can take your time and plan well in order to reach a higher “hit ratio”.

You need to follow your instinct at first in choosing a more universal joke or one-liner to make women in the first 2 categories laugh, whereas you can slowly adjust the flavor of your humor to match the taste of women in the latter two categories.