Pretend That You Know

This is what many people call “bullshit.” It’s somewhat like the technique of faking stupidity, only that you are using your “own way” to explain things. For example:

“Carpe diem”? Yeah, I know. It’s Latin, meaning “purple squirrels”.

She’s vegan, which is Latin for “freak”.

The trick here is to bring in a totally unrelated concept or object in order to explain something you don’t know (if you do know about it that’s even better) in the most ridiculous way. The funny effect is created by the linkage between two conflicting items, one serious and the other absurd. (Remember I told you about how the human brain cannot accommodate two conflicting ideas and must seek relief through laughter?)

Keep doing that and you’ll probably get a slap on the back or an affectionate “stop it…”