Make Her Feel Superior

“Women are fakes”, some people say. “And vanity is their best friend.”

It is a basic need for human-beings (and women especially) to feel superior. It might sound cynical but is in line with my years of careful observation. The fact that so much black humor involves death and physical injuries (comic in nature and never graphically violent) also proves this point.

The German has a word “Schadenfreude” which literally means “joy at other people’s suffering”, and women have a basic need, usually occurring at a subconscious level, to feel superior over others. We can help them with that by ridiculing the intelligence, social status, or physical disadvantages of the characters in our jokes.

Here the word “superior” is looked at from a narrow angle. Women like to feel superior to the characters in your jokes. Laughing at imagined misfortune (deliberate cruelty) in jokes is somewhat like watching the little cat suffering in Tom and Jerry.

Ever wondered why there are so many ethnic jokes including a vast amount of blonde jokes? What about those jokes mocking at an array of professions?

You can test her acceptance to such type of humor by telling her something like:

“When I die, I would like to go peacefully, in my sleep, like my grandfather did.  Not screaming and yelling like the passenger in his car.”

Before you intend to make her laugh by making her feel superior, make sure she doesn’t have an issue with ethnicity jokes, profession jokes, comic cruelty, etc., because conscious aversion can be strong enough to prevent laughter and generate negative impression.