Make Fun of Her

Women laugh in embarrassment when they flounder in public or if their innocent mistakes have been exposed. In such situations, women will laugh in order to release their tension.

You have to spot the correct type of women (usually with high self-esteem and those who are already pretty comfortable with you) to make fun of. As a general rule, it’s more practical to make fun of beautiful (and often overbearing) women than homely (and often with low self-esteem) women.

You can either induce tension (for her to release through laughter later) or help her laugh away her already existing anxieties. For example, if you see her eating a “sinful” chocolate ice-cream, you can either make her “uneasy” by saying, “oh, this is great food since it adds more substances to you” or you can put her more at ease by saying, “don’t worry, I eat it all the time and I’m only 162 pounds.”

Two universal topics to make fun of her on are technology and physical appearance. For some reason, most women tend to be less technology-savvy and are contented with falling behind technology trends, as if being smarter at technology is less feminine. And no matter how pretty a woman is, she is always concerned with more than one aspect of her look.

Sometimes, the goal of making fun of her is to really flatter her in some way, because “men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears.”