Humor Characters

Different Women, Different Strategies

Although there are only a few jokes in this world, you need to adopt different styles of humor in order to make different types of women laugh and fall in love.

An essential marketing concept states that one has to fully understand the needs of a specific market and provide it with a corresponding solution.

Similarly, in the process of attracting women with humor, we must design different funny personas to make different women laugh in their own way. There’re more than one right ways to make a woman laugh. One of them is the most effective.

Different women demand different strategies.

Play a Character

Women are adventurous too, despite influences from culture and education.

There is a wanton self in every woman. And they want to meet different men.

Well, I admit that’s not true for every woman. But it is true for almost every hot babe out there—Get my point?

Women like men who are at times dramatic (they themselves can be dramatic all the time, for that matter), and they like men who can act and entertain.

That’s why you need a character to play.

The most important thing is to stay in your character long enough. If you are playing serious, don’t smile too much, or you’ll spoil it. Staying in your character means that your looks, gestures, and catch phrases must consistently match the role you’re playing.

If you are communicating with a hot babe who’s got used to always getting her way with other men, I’d advice to act a little bit arrogant and stay that way. Don’t smile at her more than necessary.

You can choose either a “profile” or “character” you’re already comfortable with or one that you would like to test out. And tonight you can be “the secretive guy” – a spy wanted by seven countries – for example.

Of course, I’m not asking you to be a jerk and actually act like a real spy. I’m telling you to assume the persona of a spy (reads: mysteriously attractive guy with a great sense of humor). And please, never ever tell her you are a spy. You may joke about that but just don’t be lame.

The key is to be playful.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to show her, through facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, etc., that you are just playing with her. She might even play along with you. If she does, well, congratulations!

So what are some of your choices?

Joke Teller

The type of guy who’s just full of jokes. Any type. Any topic.

He seems to find everything funny in one way or another. He laughs all the time and can easily spur laughter from people around him.


The type of guys who’re constantly making fun of others and seldom of themselves.

They can often get quite abusive, but believe it or not, some women love that.

Stupid Guy

There are several advantages of faking stupidity, and there are many ways to do it.

An especially humorous way is the usage of so-called malapropisms — twisted, wrong, and often comic usage of language, usually assisted by contradiction such as:

“One word: no way!”

“For your information, I’d like to raise a question.”

“The restaurant is so crowded; nobody ever goes there any more.”

“The trouble with the other countries is—they are all being run by foreigners.”

Have you watched the sitcom “Friends”? Joey Tribiani is a typical stupid guy.

Or sometimes, totally absurd usage of wrong word. For example:

“I’ve got to consecrate myself on this newspaper.” (concentrate)

“He is the very pine-apple of politeness!” (pinnacle)

“He had to use a fire distinguisher.” (fire extinguisher)

“Even Napoleon had his Watergate.”

Or demand the impossible:

“Listen slowly.”

“Take your time but hurry up!”

“Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.”

And faking plain stupidity may be very effective:

“I want to win 100 or 105 games this year—whichever comes first.”

“I always thought that record would stand until it was broken.”

Very few people in the real world actually commit such stupid mistakes. And that’s what made your statement particularly funny.

“Wise Guy”

Observe for yourself, how often people act like wise guys:

“It ain’t over till it’s over.”

“We are not where we are right now.”

“I’ll see you when I see you.”

“You can observe a lot just by watching.”

“I didn’t really say everything I said.”

Sometimes it could be true wisdom:

“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished by how much he’d learned in seven years.”

Intellectual, Reserved, Nerdy Guy

This is the one role in which you can afford to be “not playful”. Such type of guys usually “make fun of” themselves. (We’ll talk about that more when we reach “choosing your target”.)

They always talk in a matter-of-fact tone even when mentioning some of their painful yet absurd experience (either true or made-up) while appearing totally objective and detached. For example:

“I told my sexual experiences to my friend who owns a software company. And he made it into a game.”

Story Teller

If you have many funny or absurd stories to tell, go for it. By doing so you also establish a presence of a so-called alpha male.

What’s an alpha male?

You have seen it on Discovery Channel. Many species have a dominant male who owns all the females in the group, whereas the other males get none. Many males never get to be an alpha male.

Often it seems like you know guys who are dominating the group. You’ll even see a woman hanging out with some guy and end up with always the same guy—the guy who plays the role of the alpha male, while the others are submissive males.

An alpha male knows that women and people in general want to be with him so he doesn’t shy away from having conversations and meeting new people. He doesn’t worry what others think about him. He takes control of a situation with authority. You’ll hear him telling story after story.

He knows that if he is in a group of guys and a group of women, he will be the one women choose to be with, and everything else is just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Alpha males tend to be funnier and take up the role of making others laugh.Some women dislike this type of talkative guys who seem egoistic. But to my

Some women dislike this type of talkative guys who seem egoistic. But to my knowledge most women prefer to meet someone in the club who can tell lots of jokes and anecdotes.

Just be careful of one thing though—don’t tell stories or jokes for the sake of telling them. If your stories are just a stream of short pieces flowing out of your head whenever you think of one, you may easily confuse a woman (especially under the influence of alcohol).

In other words, don’t deliver a potpourri of funny stories. Rather, arrange them in a reasonable sequence and do your best to confine them to a common theme.

Actor, Comedian, Talk Show Host

Being an “actor”, you use your voice, body language, and facial expressions to make women laugh. If you are already someone with dynamic body languages or an amazing “facial contortionist”, good for you! If you are not, you might want to develop the ability.

Go practice in front of a mirror. Make a face. Wink at yourself. (Again, this is not silly.) Test out for yourself what kind of acts are comic yet not offensive.

Voice quality is also crucial for actors and comedians. You need to master the art of varying the speed, tone, and quality of your own voice. Practice by recording yourself like the way you practice your pick up lines, as I mentioned earlier.

Serious Guy

Sometimes you can act offended, which will most likely trick her into making an apology, which is the right time to surprise her and make her laugh. In most cases she has to laugh in order to release the tension. It’s a natural physical response of all humans.

Imitator, Impersonator

By mimicking famous people or those whom both of you know, you not only win her laughter but also her appreciation of your creativity and this “special skill”.

Most men don’t realize they have a flair for imitation. We are taught when we were young that it is “bad” to make fun of other people so that’s why we forbid ourselves to imitate others. But it’s really quite simple and in fact most of us do so once in a while. Remember the last time you imitated someone you didn’t like? Didn’t you make fun of the irritating salesman and the annoying actress by imitating their manners?

Learn some new accents. It does require some practice though. And you may want to choose 5 – 6 favorite actors and accents as your part of “repertoire”.

You can log on to the International Dialects of English Archive to listen to nearly every accent of the English language. Personally, I recommend Scottish, Irish, British accents, as they’re easy to recognize and master.

If your imitation of characters or accents makes a woman laugh, you score big time.

Magician, Juggler, Fortune Teller, etc.

Magic absolutely fascinates women. It has never failed in my case. Even the simplest tricks, when handled well, always make them laugh. They’ll keep bugging you (“How did you do that!”) if you refuse to let them know more. And no, you should never disclose your tricks.

Also, many women are big believers of fate. If you know how to read palm or astrology (you can basically learn them in one afternoon), why not use it to make them laugh? You can also crack some joke while you are holding their palms. For example:

“Let me see… Your life line is pretty long… I’d say you’ll live beyond next week… Your fortune line indicates you are not rich—else you wouldn’t be here… and your heart line tells me you’ll believe anything I tell you right now…” 

The boldest I’ve come across so far is this (and I don’t recommend it):

“… um… this line? This is your blowjob line… it tells me…”

Piece Them Together

As you can see, there are only a few jokes and humor characters in the world. Similarly, there’re altogether a handful of basic humor techniques.

If you have learned performing magic before, you’d know that grand illusions are often combinations of simple tricks.

Making women laugh is just like that. Keep that in mind as we delve into the specific humor techniques in the following chapters.

You combine simple things to produce wonders. So treat all the basic techniques of humor that I’m about to show you as a whole package of interconnected elements.

After you have mastered all of them, you can create your own style of humor with those “humor building blocks” at will.