Going Against Convention

Announce Your Next Move

Announce to a woman your next move. And it has to be “socially acceptable” as well as stated in a playful and exaggerating manner.

It creates a funny moment because the woman knows what you want yet she can’t really reject your next move because “you’re just kidding”. And once she laughs, she can’t possibly decline you as it’ll be inconsistent.

For example, you can drive away a woman’s reluctance of giving you her number by saying:

“Don’t worry. I’ll only call you 9 times a day.”

If everything is going on pretty well between you two, you can get closer to her and say:

“Don’t panic, I’m only going to kiss you… and that’s all.”

Remember what we talked about pick up lines? The simpler (such as “Hi”), the better. And here’s one that has worked for me:

Can I try a few pick up lines on you? (Give some good ones and some lame ones.) OK, I have just one more line for you: Can I try a few pick up lines on you?

Switch Roles

We all know that women tend to be self-protecting. Your job is to break down her defense (and pride as well). One funny way to do so is to take on an even more defensive role and accuse her of what men are normally accused of. For example, you can ask her:

“Is it safe to talk to you? You are not a scary person, are you?”

“I’m not sure if I should come with you. Who knows if you might rape me or something…”

Again, do make sure she’s aware that you’re just kidding. You never want to be considered as an average jerk.

Reject Her

Men tend to get over-excited as soon as women start to show some affection or enthusiasm. When a woman ask you, “Hey, you wanna come to my place to have a drink?” most men would be more than happy to accept the invitation immediately.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t. But before you do, you can keep a straight face and say “I’m not sure…can I trust you? Promise you won’t harass me.” And show her you’re joking as soon as you finish the sentence by smiling or making a face at her.