Funny Exclamations

This is a common trait I discovered among funny guys. They all have their distinct favorite phrases and funny exclamations.

Wow, wham, bang bang, yuck, yohooo, blah blah blah…

Oh that explains it, in-ter-rest-ing, right—on—…

Develop some of your own. You can get a few clues from those creative “sound effects” in most Hollywood action movies often generated by “the funny partner” of the hero (See, that’s another movie cliché). Do you do that often? If not, I suggest you test it out.

At first, you may feel shy or weird uttering such “meaningless” words. But remember what we talked earlier about taking action? If after trying you decide that it’s not for you, just stop it and you have nothing to lose. But chances are you’ll feel livelier as you give out those simple funny exclamations.

For example, “okay” is a most frequently used word and can be uttered with so many different tones. When a woman attempts to explain to you a complicated concept or find stupid excuses, just simply say in a dragging tone, “o—kay— ” with an upward ending. It’ll be funny. Test it out.

This is just a small and simple action, but it can be more powerful than you thought. Many women regard such manners as charming and cute. You’ll be surprised.