Complementary Qualities

Finally, let me point out that humor is one of the top reasons why women are attracted to you but not the only deciding factor.

Because this book is about how to be funny to make women fall in love with you, I’ve devoted most of it on the topic of humor. But you and I both know that humor as an essential quality of a desirable man must be supported by other skills.

Magic Tricks

You may have seen girls laughing uncontrollably at magic tricks and how those skillful street magicians capture their attention and keep them laughing the whole time. Well, you can do that too.

Learn some simple coin (or banknote) magic. It’ll be weird if you carry a deck of cards around, but no one will consider it strange to keep some money with you.

Many magic tricks are amazingly simple despite their stunning visual effects. There’re plenty of magic books in bookstore offering solid content.

You can find plenty of free magic tricks online as well.

The problem is that learning magic through reading is a bit like learning swimming by watching. If you prefer more direct teaching and have money to spare, go to Penguin Magic to download some video tutorials.

Astrology, Tarot, Palm-reading

Most women believe in fate.

Don’t ask me why. All I know is that they are absolutely fascinated by such stuff—and men who can tell fortunes.

There are plenty of online resources on these subjects. You can practically finish them in an hour (excluding the memorization time).


Musical instrument, painting, poetry, and culinary (the “art” of cooking) are always desirable. You can’t make women laugh by playing a guitar but you can surely impress them and even more so if you can make them laugh too.