Be Illogical

A woman sometimes laughs because she suddenly doesn’t know how to respond to you. This frequently happens when she becomes fully aware that you’re being deliberately unreasonable but she just can’t pinpoint the logical fallacy in your argument.

There are a few major categories of logical fallacies which you can, with a little bit of practice, master. Once you are able to do so, you can quickly spot the errors in her speech and joke about it. (Don’t go overboard though.)

A logical fallacy refers to a flaw in the structure of a deductive argument which renders the argument invalid, but it’s often used more generally to describe an argument which is invalid for any reason other than structural flaws, such as an error in the premises.

Note that a logical fallacy in a deductive argument does not affect the argument’s premises or its conclusion. In other words, facts don’t necessary lead to one another. Conversely, logic doesn’t imply fact. For example:

Mike wants to date the hottest girl at the party.

The hottest girl at the party is Emma.

Therefore, John wants to date Emma.

In reality, John may have a conflicting goal of avoiding Emma, meaning that the reasoned answer may be inapplicable to real life.

Recognizing fallacies in everyday arguments may be difficult since arguments are often embedded in rhetorical patterns that obscure the logical connections between statements. Informal fallacies may also exploit the emotional, intellectual or psychological weaknesses of the audience.

Having the capability to recognize fallacies in arguments will significantly increase your flexibility when dealing with women.

Make sure that when you are pointing out her logical fallacies, you are saying them in a joking, friendly, and unobtrusive manner.

Don’t be unreasonable by saying something like this (though it’s a funny logical fallacy itself):

“Some of my female friends say I’m a sexist, and I always say that’s absolutely not true and that’s not something they should ever worry their little heads about.”

And make sure she didn’t take you seriously and think you are a senseless moron. Use saver lines if she doesn’t get it (the most frequent line is “That’s a joke…and a bad one, obviously”.)

There’re countless ways of being illogical. For example:

  • You may choose to say something that is clearly contradicting itself, for example, “In order to be a good guy, I had to be honest. And by the time I could fake it, I knew I was a good guy.”
  • You can fake stupidity by joking about how long you want to live: “I want to live for at least 100 years, because you seldom read obituaries about people who are over 100 years old.”
  • You can make use of circular reasoning when you are explaining superstitious stuff to women (somehow most of them are crazy about supernatural things), “The Pope says horoscopes are just supernatural mumbo-jumbo. He’s bound to be skeptical—he’s a Taurus.”