After You Made Her Laugh

Although this book is primarily about how to make women laugh, I’m pretty sure that is not your sole purpose. Most men are just looking for a way to “go further”. In this section I’ll give you some basics on how to follow up.

Cut the Conversation

Always end the conversation first.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “don’t push your luck”. After you’ve successfully made her laugh and given her a good time, end it immediately.

Yes, you heard me right—Cut the conversation.

Teasing her in this way can dramatically increase your chance of winning her. It’s counter-intuitive and it works.

You see, after you’ve entertained a woman with your powerful humor, her “sensitivity to laughter” is bound to drop. In other words, she’ll get used to the fun, and the next thing you know will be the change in her perception about your humor.

Many men simply don’t know when to stop and thus let good opportunities slip away in front of their eyes—without knowing it.

On the other hand, if you can stop before she reaches the “peak of fun”, the sudden withdraw of humor will make her want it more. She might even have all kinds of fantasies later on and look forward to meeting you again. At any rate, things will work in your favor.

Think for a moment. If she knows you are talking to her as much as she wants it—and in the whole process you are going all out to please her—what would she be thinking? She doesn’t need you any more than you need her.

That’s why you should lock the “winning” status by leaving her in a half-satisfied state. She would either think, “Why? Is there anything wrong with me?” (Especially if she’s pretty and always gets her way) or “When can we talk again?”

What if she hasn’t entered the state of needing you? First of all, you should know better than to cut the conversation prematurely. But if that happens, get on with it. It’s been a great experience and you’ve had fun too, right?

There are plenty more fish in the sea and you’ll have plenty of gorgeous ladies waiting for you. Think like an alpha male. (Remember what we said about the “alpha male” earlier?)

If you really like her, create other opportunities to bump into her again. That’ll be your best bet, don’t you agree?

Establish Connection

Don’t be blinded by your immediate little success and let your ultimate goal slip your mind. Do you just want to make her laugh or do you want to “get to know her better”?

At the very least, ask for her number.

You can simply say, “Hey, I gotta go. Nice meeting you. How can we talk further in your opinion (“in your opinion” makes it sound less like a commitment)? Just write down your number here and we’ll meet again.”

If you prefer to set a date on the spot, say something like, “Gotta run. I’ll be freer towards later this week. Friday—good day?”  Two interesting things here: First, you’ve made an assumption that she wants to go out with you. This works in line with women’s unconscious desire to be validated by men. Second, you asked “Friday—good day?” and not “can we meet on Friday”, meaning you’re not really asking her out so it won’t matter to you if she says no.

Keep on assuming a “superior” role and never show your neediness for a single second. It is a powerful mindset.

If you successfully send a woman into laughter while at the same time taking on a dominating role, she will recognize the situation either consciously or subconsciously. She’ll treat you differently as much as you deserve. Such a mindset will not only make you appear more natural (which improves your body language) but also increase your chance of establishing a connection with her.

Once you’ve got her contact information, remember to conduct a post-mortem. Take a moment to think about what you have done right and what needs to be improved next time. And always remember to use every successful experience to consciously boost your confidence level through positive autosuggestion.


Don’t call her immediately. Wait for a while to increase her neediness. She would soon start to think again, “What’s wrong with me? Doesn’t he like me?” And once she starts to think in this way, she’ll be on a steep slope to falling in love with you.