Act “Silly”

The more well-known term is “silly” nonsense. But again, when a woman says you are “silly” it can be either an indication of dislike or an affectionate term meaning “you are cute!”

When I was six, I was your age.

Watch out! Water on road during rain.

This camera only works with film inside.

Don’t use the hairdryer while showering.

Please line up alphabetically by height.

Here’s my suggestion for you: act silly from time to time while taking on the dominant role most of the time.

Women are frequently attracted by the combination of virility and innocence. I don’t know exactly why but here’s my speculation:

Masculinity fulfills a woman’s desire to be dominated (as we talked about earlier) and acting silly satisfies her maternal needs. At the same time, the peculiar combination of the two creates a strong sense of mystery and contradiction—which almost every woman loves.