Revealed: Amazing Secrets Of Seducing Any Woman You Want Using The Power Of Humor...

Martin Merrill


Dear Friend,


y name is Martin Merrill, and I'm so glad you've found your way here, because you're about to discover the secrets of how to attract any woman, easily and quickly, using the power of humor...

And if you give me just 15 minutes, I'll prove to you how you can benefit tremendously from making women laugh. What you're about to learn is unlike anything you've seen, and I guarantee it works. Simply read the following information carefully:


I've Tried Everything

I've tried everything in attracting women and attracting women fast...

I've spent a fortune buying dating books, attending seminars and dating women; I've learned a great deal from excellent courses and even books that are plain rubbish; I've had countless dates that ended in my bedroom and ones that ended with a slap in the face...

And here's the absolute truth that's proven to me time and time again:

Brilliant pick up lines, various approaching techniques, covert language patterns, "Prize Psychology", hypnosis scripts, outlandish clothing, NLP, Pheromone sprays, the "right" attitudes... NONE of those will ever work unless you're good at making women laugh.

Because humor is the shortcut to attraction.

In fact, if you happen to have looked elsewhere for information on dating you'd realize that all those dating experts emphasize on the ability to make women laugh.

But they don't tell you how.


The Power Of Humor

I have a question for you:

"Would you prefer to be with someone who can consistently make you laugh heartily or someone who wear fancy clothes and talk in a 'peculiar' way? (Or maybe both?)"

Psychological studies have shown that during an initial contact, it's psychologically impossible to dislike someone who has made you laugh genuinely for 5 times or more. (According to my experience, the word "dislike" should be replaced by "resist the attraction of".)

Think about it. It's basic human nature to avoid pain and gain pleasure. What do we do when we experience pleasure? We smile or laugh! Laughter means pleasure, and humor is what creates laughter.

Humor is powerful - much more powerful than most people have ever imagined and will ever know. However, most men will get stuck in a place called "Average, Dull And Boring" for their entire lives.

But I want you to be different; I want you to be funny; I want you to be way more attractive than average. I want you to have an edge over all the rest.

And I want you to feel a deep sense of satisfaction as other men marvel at your amazing ability to make women laugh and fall in love.

What do women themselves say? I can quote you countless letters or surveys in major female magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Cosmo... I can ask you to check out the profiles on dating websites (they usually have a section for women to declare what type of men they're looking for)... I can ask you to go and find proof on TV and movie screen...

But you don't need this extra proof to convince yourself that the ability to make women laugh is the basis of attraction (and the trademark of a charming man).

In fact, reliable statistics showed that 82% of women consistently rank humor as one of the top 3 qualities of men they want to date.


Why Make Women Laugh?

Some guys look at women's laughter as a "by-product" of a healthy, promising conversation. To them, laughter is JUST something good to have, and they can perfectly live without it.

But that fact is... Laughter alone can make women fall in love with you. The more she laughs, the better your chance is. If you can keep her laughing her head off, you're "almost there". Conversely, if you want to make a woman fall in love with you, you have to be able to make her laugh.

Laughter is not merely "good to have". It's pretty much all you need. If you really want to attract women easily and quickly, you must be able to make her laugh at any time, any place, and any way you want.

But the sad truth is... Not many of us can really claim to be funny.

Sure, all of us can crack a joke or two. Sometimes we can be quite funny for a whole night. But can you do it consistently time after time, night after night? Are you able to systematically and carefully construct "humor messages" to suit different women's tastes? Do you know the secrets that will make humor a natural part of you so that it's effortless to stay humorous and charming?

You know what? The ability to make any woman laugh and fall in love is inside each of us. Even if your answer to any of those questions is not a confident "YES", you can choose to reclaim your power of humor. You can stop being boring, or average, once and for all.


Making Women Laugh Is A Science

Some other guys talk about the "art" of making women laugh.

Sure, they can call themselves "artists" as they like, but the problem is... once they treat "making women laugh" as an art, they have very few rules to rely on and they can't really measure their results. Making women laugh becomes an uncertain event.

But the fact is... Making women laugh is a science.

I've devoted several years of my life studying the science of making women laugh, which involved "textbook after textbook of theories". (It could get quite intimidating, dry and technical, opposed to what you might think.)

I came to the conclusion that human beings' reactions to different types of "humor stimuli" are predictable. And there are tested-and-proven methods to match a piece of humor with a subject's education, personality, and cultural background to induce laughter. Any man, regardless of look, intelligence, education, and personality, can unleash his power of humor to make women laugh and fall in love.


My Years Of Research And
Experience Are Yours Risk-Free

I've condensed my years of research and experience into a system that will equip you with powerful humor. It's simply called "Make Women Laugh" and it's jam-packed with specific tricks and techniques that can create instant results. I'll show you exactly how to make any woman laugh whenever and wherever you like.

Make Women Laugh

There's no fluff, no nonsense in "Make Women Laugh". I didn't bloat up the text just to make it appear longer so that "you get your money's worth". I'll ONLY show you things that work, so you get the most out of your investment.

Remember I told you about my years of learning experiences? I've picked out the essence, the best parts, and what really works in other books, courses, and seminars and added them in my system as well, so that you get to see the "whole picture".

After reading and applying the techniques revealed in this system, you'll soon become a totally humorous guy and be able to approach any woman confidently because you know with absolute certainty that you can make her laugh until she falls in love with you.

It'll become so much easier for you to apply your approaching techniques, patterns, pick up lines, and so on. (Yes, many of the other tricks work wonderfully too... only if you ensure the magic element of making women laugh is there.)

"The Best I Could Have Ever Imagined!"

Hi Martin,

I have to tell you that your "Make Women Laugh" is simply outstanding!

As an expert on stand-up comedy and spoken humor, I can say with great confidence that your materials contain some of the most highly effective methods and strategies for attracting women with laughter that I have ever seen in my 15 years as a comedy professional.

Martin, your materials are "MUST HAVE" for any man who truly wants a fighting chance at attracting beautiful women by making them laugh.

If someone can't make your materials work for them to attract women, then there aren't any materials out there that can. Yours are the hands down the best I could have ever imagined.

I know first hand that your techniques work and work well. As a professional comedian, I have used these same techniques myself to attract stunning beautiful women - for years.

I have recommended your work to everyone on my own mailing list (which is focused on stand-up comedy and adding comedy to speeches); I told them that your information is some of the best practical comedy information that I have ever seen, whether they are interested in attracting women or not.

You have my highest endorsement. Fantastic piece of work!


Steve Roye
Professional Stand-Up Comedian


"#1 BEST Way I know To Teach You How To Be Funny To Get You Into Beautiful Women's Mind"

I just read Martin's book and I thought I'd write this message for you from a WOMAN'S perspective.

Guys, If you aren't successful with women right now. If you aren't good looking, you're not rich, and you don't have a great body. All is not lost.

There are only a few 'backdoors' you can use to get into the hearts, minds and beds of hot women. I won't go into all 5 now. However, one of those backdoors is humor.

With humor you can short-circuit a woman's mind and make her genuinely attracted to you - on a deep psychological level, regardless of your looks. There are other methods but humor is probably one of THE most powerful.

Let me tell you this, Martin Merrill's book is the #1 BEST way I know to teach you how to be funny to get you into beautiful women's minds. Nobody has created a more comprehensive and easy to learn system to become genuinely funny to women as Martin has.

Make women laugh and you WILL have power over them. I highly recommend you check out Martin's book!

Tiffany Taylor


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  • How your "inner talk" constantly influences you and the one thing you need to do before you can become a funny guy
  • The most important difference between a funny guy and an "average" guy
  • What the "Humor Habit" is and how you can practice at any time, any place, with double efficiency to transform yourself into a totally funny guy
  • Why women sometimes laugh at jokes which you don't find funny at all
  • The art of conversation with any woman. How to break ice with any woman within 2 minutes and what type of language you should use when communicating with them
  • Women trust their instincts more than their logic. Here's how you can take advantage of that to "prepare her" for laughter and love
  • One fact that women will deny but you should know in order to deal with women effectively
  • A useful technique that can intensify women's feelings and make them more open to you
  • One rule you should follow to get rid of the fear of rejection and improve you "pick up skill"
  • Find out why most pick up lines don't work and what role you should assume when dealing with women
  • Secret techniques to instantly build rapport with any woman both physically and psychologically and 5 ways to quickly improve your rapport-building skills

"Many Thanks From Zambia, Africa!"

Dear Martin,

Your book is awesome.

I am a journalist by profession, and 25 years old.

From whence I read the book, and it's now just over two weeks, I have told myself that I can never be funny until I tell myself I am. And I have told myself so, and am funny.

Your book is not just about making women laugh. It has also taught me to know what to say, when to say it and where to say it to spread the everlasting smile. When you make women laugh, you keep track of many friends indeed and they would want to be with you a lot.

Anyone is funny, it's just that NO ONE has told them they are - not even to themselves.

I shall definitely spread the word. The book is laid out in a simple man's language and the practical aspect of it makes it easier to read, understand and implement make women laugh.

I love the book, and thank you for re-assuring me that I am funny and I can develop it better.

Ndalumba ("thank you" in my language)!

Kind regards,

Matongo Maumbi
Zambia, Africa

  • Learn what is real flirting and the one thing you must do to make sure she becomes attracted to you sexually
  • 4 basic types of women and how understanding the differences can help you identify the right strategies to make women laugh and fall in love
  • In-depth analysis of the basic mechanism behind women's laughter and 8 primary models of humor leading to predictable results.
  • What an "inner game" is and how you can leverage the power of your own subconscious mind to win the game
  • How to "internalize" humor so that it becomes a part of you so you can instantly shift your mentality to prepare for any humor situation
  • How to take charge of conversations with women and make them feel they're "in your show"; how to get rid of the "fear of failure" feeling and develop the "I don't" care mentality which will loosen you up and improve your "performance"
  • 4 most effective tonalities to use to immediately attract women with humor as well as to accentuate your own personality
  • 6 useful techniques to improve your body posture, gestures, movements to ensure "humor consistency"
  • How to develop "sensory acuity" to control the timing of making women laugh
  • One thing you must always do in order to ensure the effectiveness of your humor even before you start to make women laugh
  • What type of joke you should definitely tell at first, with no exceptions
  • One thing you must never do when making women laugh or you'll spoil everything

"Highly Recommended!"

I was pleasantly surprised when I began reading. It made me realise what a lot of other books are lacking in.


A lot of other books will tell you that humor is important, but your book actually shows, step-by-step, how to become funny, even if you are currently as humorous as Saddam Hussain.

I highly recommend your book to anyone who is looking to become funny, regardless of their goals.

Sean Morrissy

  • How to "save yourself" when you "blow it". How you can turn a disaster into a new opportunity, when your jokes suck or when they simply don't work on a particular woman
  • One important fact you should know about sexist, ethnic, religious jokes.
  • You can and should joke about a woman, but make sure you never commit this common mistake, no matter how friendly the joke is
  • What you should know about lame jokes and how you can use them to actually demonstrate your sense of humor
  • What you can learn from magicians in telling jokes to women
  • 14 basic "humor characters" you can play to suit any woman's personality, education, cultural background, and "humor taste"
  • How to become the funniest guy in the group and remain as the center of attention
  • An easy exercise that will dramatically speed up the process of your personal "humor development"
  • How to tailor the many tried-and-true humor formulas to suit your own needs and how to combine humor techniques and materials to develop your own humor style
  • What is the "Rule of Reciprocity" and how it can help you in attracting women with humor
  • Women typically stay in a group, such as in a bar. Here are 2 powerful techniques how you can attract a particular woman in a group without the disturbance from the rest of the group
  • How to leverage on the power of stereotypes and employ the techniques of simplification, exaggeration, distortion, and generalization to produce hilarious humor.

"By Far One Of The BEST Resources There Is Out There On The Use Of Comedy & Humor To Attract Women..."

Hi Martin,

Due to my line of work, I have the opportunity to review the works of numerous so-called dating experts claiming to teach guys their 'secrets' to achieving dating success with women - on a consistent basis.

Most of the time, I always see the same 'ol rehashed techniques but yours was one of the very first resource manuals that focused on of the most powerful, proven technique to attracting women -- the use of humor and comedy.

I especially LOVED your study on the basics of humor, humor characters, and of course your brilliant strategies/techniques on making women laugh - not forgetting the chapters when you explain in full detail of how to practically APPLY those techniques in real-life dating situations which I feel is most important of all.

I will have to say that yours is by far one of the BEST resources there is out there on the use of comedy & humor to attract women I have ever seen!

Very practical, easy to understand and definitely easy to apply by anyone! I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone to read it!

Excellent, Martin!"

Simon Heong

Publisher of the best-selling Dating & Attraction Guide
"28 SureFire Ways To Instant Dating Success!"

  • How to make women laugh uncontrollably by stating simple facts that most people take for granted
  • How to demonstrate your humor and creativity through clichés that we speak all the time.
  • How you can deliberately "act silly" in a humorous way to project an image of both masculinity and innocence, which is a killer to most women.
  • How to trick a woman into the wrong conclusion before "revealing the right answer" to generate an entertaining and comical effect.
  • How to cleverly embed two contradicting ideas into one sentence to generate hilarious effects
  • A powerful humor technique to make requests which a woman cannot reject. You don't even need to worry about being slapped or feeling bad about it
  • Why you should take on the "offensive" role and reject a woman in a humorous way
  • What the "the rule of three" is and how this powerful story telling technique can effectively build up humor tension.
  • How to create an illusion of improvisation while you're actually delivering rehearsed materials. Every woman will think you're brilliant, smart, creative, and superbly humorous.
  • An amazing technique to "condition" a woman to your humor and make her incapable of resisting you and your humor.
  • How to use your humor to "pander to a woman's vanity" so she feels good about herself as well as being with you.
  • A small and simple habit you can start developing immediately. It takes just two minutes to learn but will make a difference in your life as you make women laugh and fall in love

"This Guide Is A Must-Have!"

If you're looking for specific things you can go out and say to girls RIGHT NOW to get them to like you, then you need to get Martin Merril's Make Women Laugh guide.

He takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through the shortcuts to massive results with women.

Yes, you read that right... give women the proper kind of teasing and make them laugh, and they'll be psychologically UNABLE to dislike you or reject you.

This guide is a must-have if you want to make immediate easy conversation with women. Get your hands on Make Women Laugh and let its secrets work for you right now!

John Alexander
Author, How To Become An Alpha Male

  • Annoyed at stupid jokes? But a truly funny guy is quick–minded and can turn things around. Here's a powerful trick to make use of stupid jokes to create your original, appropriate, and relevant humor.
  • What you can learn from the Hollywood to make your "humor performance" more lively and attractive
  • A useful technique to constantly grow your humor repertoire and improve your own sense of humor
  • 2 powerful methods of using outrageous exaggeration to "play with women's minds" and make them laugh
  • How logical fallacies can trick women in a humorous way while enhancing your image. Here are 3 clever ways to create such "intellectual humor" that will stick to women's mind
  • How you can deliberate misinterpret women's words as well as any external event to derive preposterous meanings to make women laugh uncontrollably.
  • 4 powerful humor techniques to make a woman "think sexually". This can help you quickly develop intimacy without her even without her noticing it
  • Why you should make fun of women and what are the proper ways of doing so
  • How you can imitate other people and fake foreign accents to make women laugh and what to pay attention to

"Any Guy Will Be Able To Increase His Attraction..."

When you can make women laugh, you've opened the door to all kinds of possibilities.

Martin Merrill's book, "Make Women Laugh", takes humor seriously and with its step-by-step guidance any guy will be able to increase his attraction and interest levels in the women around him using humor.

Robert Lee,
The Web's Dating Guide

  • 2 useful applications of humor besides attracting women fast
  • The right way to model other funny guys to quickly improve your skills at attracting women with humor
  • The best way to memorize funny materials for fast retrieval and 4 real-life examples with step-by-step instructions
  • 6 critical things to take note when you're writing to make women laugh
  • Discover what a "Humor Rorschach Test" is and how you can use it to effortlessly improve your sense of humor to attract women
  • What exactly you should do after you've successfully made women laugh to bring the relationship to the next level. Here are some counterintuitive methods you might never expect  and the right mentality to have after making women laugh
  • 4 complementary skill-sets to humor to attract women and how you can acquire them to enhance the effect of making women laugh.
  • How to effectively deal with disappointment, rejection, and other type of frustration in case you have to face them when you start out
  • An advanced psychological technique to instantly remove any of your negative feelings. This shockingly powerful technique will blow your mind.
  • How knowing the "Pareto Principle" can dramatically speed up the process of becoming a totally humorous guy.

And much more... I'm offering you everything you need to transform yourself into a totally funny guy. This system presents you the science of humor which you can measure by results, namely the number of women falling in love with you through laughter!

"Make Women Laugh" is a practical and step-by-step system that provides you with tons of amazing ideas that you can take with you for a life time. And on a more general note, it's also a manual teaching men how to think and act, how to enjoy life, and how to be more precise, effective, and observant in daily communications.

"Meaty, Proven, Well-Researched Tricks And Techniques You Would Ever Need To Know!"

As promised in the book, there are no fillers here - just all the meaty, proven, well-researched tricks and techniques you would ever need to know how to make your girl or woman laugh.

I particularly like the chapter on page 25. Gosh, if you really understand this secret about woman, and I mean if you really get it, you'll how to solve almost 80% of all your relationship problems with any woman!

Women! Get a copy for your boyfriend, your male colleagues, your husband, your male co-workers...

Men! You can empower yourself with the ability to make a woman fall in love with you with YOUR own style of humor - grow her love for you, revive that stale relationship or marriage, make her fall in love with you again, even if your spouse or lover says you have no sense of humor!

One more thing before I forget, you better pray... make sure this book doesn't fall into the hands of all your "rivals" or "relationship competitors"!

After you have learned all the techniques in here, don't just use it on your woman. Apply it in your daily life, make everyone around you laugh. Spread the laughter "virus" around. I assure you, in no time, the world will smile back at you. YOU can make a difference!

Cucan Pemo
Author, Bring Back The Love Of Your Life


You'll Get The Following Bonuses For FREE If You Order Now (Limited Time)

Bonus #1 ($14.95 Value)
How To Talk To Any Woman

How To Talk To Any Woman

In this bonus, I'll share with you the specific techniques to start and maintain a pleasurable conversation with any woman, at any time, any where.

I'm gonna reveal:

  • The body language that you must adopt to attract a woman
  • How to read her body language to enter her mind
  • The single most important thing you MUST do all the time
  • How to regulate your own emotions so you're always in control
  • How to get past a woman's defense without her even noticing it
  • How to ensure a good visual appearance and image of yourself
  • Attract a woman by showing appreciation in a way that wins her heart
  • The SPECIFIC tricks of building instant rapport with any woman you talk to
  • A list of good topics that can trigger an intimate and healthy relationship


Bonus #2 ($19.95 Value)
Flirting Mastery

Flirting Mastery

This bonus will guide you through the basics of the art and science of flirting with any woman, any where, at any time.

I'm gonna reveal:

  • The best time and the best places to flirt with women
  • The right mentality you should ALWAYS adopt when flirting
  • How to initiate the right eye contact to connect with women
  • The right posture and gestures to adopt to enhance the flirting
  • What you must know about your facial expression
  • What "reciprocal disclosure" is and what it can do for you
  • The dos and don'ts you must know when flirting with women


Bonus #3 ($12.95 Value)
Love Secrets

Love Secrets

This bonus reveals the secrets of the 4 fundamental driving forces behind the love between any man and woman. You must have a thorough understanding of these love dynamics in order to excel at making women fall in love with you.

Dear Martin,

My name is R.D. and I'm a HUUUUUGE FAN!!!!! of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bro signed me up for your letters and I LOOK FORWARD To them coming. You really DO know your stuff and I can see you are a real big player.




Trinidad, WI


Bonus #4 ($29.95 Value)
Logical Fallacies

Logical Fallacies

Logical fallacies permeate our daily life and go past our consciousness most of the time. If you know how to take advantage of these forever-present "mental short-circuit", they can become your most powerful weapons.

Logical fallacies are about manipulation. Let's face it... when you're out there making women laugh and fall in love with you, you MUST know how to manipulate.

In this bonus, I'm gonna reveal to you over 20 tested-and-proven formulas to leverage on the most frequent logical fallacies. There'll be 50 real-life examples of how you can use logical fallacies to persuade people, win argument, speak eloquently, and make women laugh.


Bonus #5 ($14.95 Value)
One-Liners That Work Every Time

One-Liners That Work Every Time

This bonus is a refined collection of one-liners that work every time. They're simply the best of the best humorous sayings that will do you wonders. This super collection of classic one-liners will serve as one of your sharpest tools for you to make women laugh and fall in love.


Bonus #6 ($14.95 Value)
Hilarious Quotes

Hilarious Quotes

This bonus is a handpicked collection of the funniest quotes I’ve ever come across. I have spent a great deal of time hunting for these brilliant quotes all of which reflect the tricks and techniques revealed in "Make Women Laugh".

I guarantee that these quotes are "cream of the crop" and will give you unlimited inspiration in developing your own power of humor.


"This Book Should Be Essential Reading Not Just By Men Looking To Date But Everyone Who Is In A Relationship..."

Dear Martin,

I have just finished reading your ebook Make Women Laugh and I found myself as a male laughing out loud. At last someone seems to have cottoned onto the fact that most genuine women are much more attracted to people who can make them feel good.

Men, I ask you a simple question "Who would you rather be with someone who can make you feel good in their company or someone with stunning looks and bores you stiff?"

This book should be essential reading not just by men looking to date but everyone who is in a relationship and wants to keep the romance alive.

Ron Thomson


$1 Trial

You take NO RISK at all. Simply try out Make Women Laugh for $1. You will only be charged the full price of $47 in 21 days if you're COMPLETELY satisfied with it.

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8-Week Unconditional No-Hassle
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Take 8 full weeks to examine this "Make Women Laugh" system.

That's right.

So there is NO RISK on your part whatsoever, and you have NOTHING to lose.

"There Is So Much To Get Out Of This Program..."

I have to say that Martin knows his stuff. I have learned more in a shorter period than I could have thought possible.

I have already seen great results from putting into practice these techniques and methods.

Martin's "Make Women Laugh" has got my lady smiling again with humor that I actually came up with. There is so much to get out of this program. In short order his methods can take you from being a not so funny of a guy to being a cool guy that women want to be around.

Rodney Rieder
Lacey, WA


Limited-Time Offer

So here's a recap of what you're going to get:

Make Women Laugh — The step-by-step guide of how to make women fall in love by making them laugh   $97
How To Talk To Any Woman — How to become popular among women no matter where you are   $14.95
Flirting Mastery — How you can start with a "Hi" and finish with bringing her to your bedroom   $19.95
Love Secrets — What you MUST understand about the blueprint of human love in order to make women fall in love easily and quickly   $12.95
Logical Fallacies — How you can take advantage of these "loop-holes" of the mind to achieve hypnotic persuasion   $29.95
One-Liners That Work Every — A refined collection of humorous sayings that will do you wonders   $14.95
Hilarious Quotes — A handpicked collection of the most hilarious quotes that will dramatically inspire your creativity   $14.95

That's a total of over $204.7 worth of value, and you'll get all seven of them when you order RIGHT NOW for ONLY $204.7 $97 $47. This amazingly low price is offered for a limited time ONLY.

$1 Trial

You take NO RISK at all. Simply try out Make Women Laugh for $1. You will only be charged the full price of $47 in 21 days if you're COMPLETELY satisfied with it.

Acceptable payments include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Eurocard, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, JCB. You can order at any time even if it's 2AM in the morning.


"This Is Something You've Got To Invest In!"

Hi, I wanted to give my honest opinion about Martin's Make Women Laugh book.

Aside from the actual practical results that I'm seeing which is pretty impressive, I wanted to say that I really love the section how he describes thinking like a funny guy, and I think that's far more important than any of the techniques that you're gonna use which he gives an absolute load of within this book.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to improve their social skills in general, especially around women, coz obviously that's a type of humor a little bit different from what a man would find funny, but in general, too, I think this is something that you've got to invested in!

I don't care if you're a beginner at this or someone who's already deemed pretty funny and charming but just wants that extra edge around women, you know. I couldn't really say there's a better guide out there for this.




Just Imagine...

Things will never be the same again.

No more nervousness, no more uneasiness, no more fear of rejection, no more awkwardness, no more trying desperately to find a topic, no more worries about being called boring, no matter what type of women you're in front of...

Just imagine: You can confidently approach and attract any woman, whether she's pretty, average-looking, hot, boring, sexy, tall, short, intellectual, sporty... no big deal. You don't even need to care about those! Because you're empowered by the amazing ability to make women laugh till they fall in love with you.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Well, you DON'T have to just imagine.

All you need to do is to give yourself a chance to try this system out. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much more humorous you can become after going through "Make Women Laugh" that's jam-packed with secrets, tricks, and techniques to attract women through humor and laughter.

$1 Trial

You take NO RISK at all. Simply try out Make Women Laugh for $1. You will only be charged the full price of $47 in 21 days if you're COMPLETELY satisfied with it.

Acceptable payments include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Eurocard, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, JCB. You can order at any time even if it's 2AM in the morning.


"I Would Definitely Recommend It To Anyone..."

Hey Martin,

Although it has only been 4 days since I got the books, I have actually finished all of it. I have been looking into a lot on the subject of women and how to relate to them and their psychology (completely illogical, but fun to deal with). I have read a lot of books, listened to audio programs, and have even been involved on online forums and chats. I know that this all might seem like overkill on the subject, but through these, I have become more confident and things are more predictable for me to anticipate how to interact with or interpret what women are saying or thinking.

I have found that what you have written is all fundamentally sound to start a solid background for what the more advanced topics have to offer. This is great material. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is beginning to learn how to approach women, attract them, gain comfort, and finally to either form relationships or whatever comes of the situation. Humor is a large aspect of all of these phases, which makes your books a must for the beginner.

Thanks for writing it!

David Moore
Brandon, MS


Let Me Ask This One Last Question...

"If 'Make Women Laugh' can get you just twice as much laughter from the women you like, or get you 1 more date in just 2 weeks, are you willing to give yourself a chance to TRY it out?"

"I've Taken This Book To Heart..."


I've taken this book to heart. I'm not into the dating scene, rather just in maintaining a solid balanced relationship, which needs humor. Unfortunately, I'm always "Mr. Serious". So, this book has been a good way to see how to put a smile on the face of that special person in my life. I know how important it is to bring humor and enjoyment into a relationship, and reduce stress.

I've had the opportunity to use the 3 jokes, 3 minutes to some success. And, I've tried to apply the advice regarding the importance of Body, and Voice over Words. Words have been the tool of Mr Serious' trade, so this book has really helped to recognize they aren't the most important part of communication. Thank you!

Russ Ratto
Portland, OR


Now I can finally declare I'm a funny guy! Ever since I applied these awesome tricks you've taught me, I've attracted 5 or 6 gorgeous, drop-dead women by simply making them laugh all the time.

And I did so in less than 2 months! Yeah, I know. It's just the beginning.

I'm totally blown away and I can't thank you enough. I'll be happy to tell anybody how much I've gotten out of it.

Brian Dernburg,
Jacksonville, Florida

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Martin Merrill

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